7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences – Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences

Course Title: 7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences – Exploring Family and Consumer Sciences
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Course Description: Family and Consumer Sciences in the 7th grade explores various career opportunities that lay ahead of them as they explore the components of an academic and career plan. This course is designed to offer students project-based experiences through global foods, hospitality, tourism, design, and child development. The class is action-oriented and interdisciplinary, with work and projects done individually, cooperatively, and competitively. Activities provide practical skill development needed by everyone throughout life.  

Power Standards

  1. Student can demonstrate an understanding of FCS related vocabulary and concepts.
  2. Student can demonstrates proper planning, technical skills and final outcomes in foods labs and class projects.
  3. Student can apply academic experiences to the world of work, interrelationships, community, and/or life.

Course Outline

Global Foods

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • What are the food traditions of various countries throughout the world?
  • How can I demonstrate the ability to select, prepare, and serve international cuisine?
  • Demonstrates basic food preparation techniques.
  • Demonstrates safety and sanitation in the kitchen.
  • Investigate the regions of the United States and the origins of their food traditions
  • Research different areas from around the world and how their cultures and traditions have affected their food choices
 Summative Projects:  Food Truck Rally & Cooking Labs


Hospitality and Tourism

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • What essential knowledge and skills are necessary to prepare for various opportunities in the hospitality and tourism Industries?
  • What strategies are used to plan various events?
  • Create an event, utilizing a time frame, theme, budget and agenda for school, home or community
  • Apply concepts of quality service to assure customer satisfaction
  • Demonstrate practices and skills for travel related services
  • Practice etiquette techniques needed in social situations
 Summative Projects:  Event Planning, Travel Brochure, &  Budgeting


Child Development

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • How do children develop mentally, emotionally, and socially?
  • Why is play important?
  • What type of activities are appropriate for preschoolers?
  • What does nutrition look like for toddlers/preschoolers?
  • Research the competencies of the babysitting certificate
  • Plan activities according to the children’s developmental stages
  • Create ways to get children positively active (music, play, activities)
  • Utilize nutritional guidelines for healthy snacks
 Summative Projects:  Development of Children’s Book and Toy


Interior Design and Sew Simple Fashion

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • When looking at a project what makes it visually appealing?
  • Why are first impressions important?
  • Identifies and applies the principles and elements of designs.
  • Analyze the psychological impact and determine the aesthetics and function.
  • Demonstrates basic construction skills
  • Produce a sewing product of choice
 Summative Projects: Dodecahedron, Color Scheme, Extreme home makeover & floor plans


 Career and Life Skills
 Social and Cross Cultural The student respects and contributes to the diverse learning community by:

  • Honoring  the ideas and opinions of others and
  • Interacting effectively and appropriately with others.
 Productivity and  Accountability The student takes ownership of work and actions  by:

  • Completing assignments on time
  • Arriving prepared and on time
  • Managing time
 Initiative and Self Direction The student demonstrates independence by:

  • Self-advocating for assistance or resources
  • Persevering through rigorous/challenging tasks
  • Utilizing feedback