8th Grade Graphic Art & Design

Course Title: 8th Grade Graphic Art & Design
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Course Description


In this course, students will improve on their knowledge of Adobe tools and programs. Students will also gain an understanding of how to apply the design principles and improve design layout.  In this course students will also have the opportunity to create designs that may be used for school or district events.

Power Standards

  1. Student can demonstrate an understanding of graphics related vocabulary and concepts.
  2. Student can demonstrates proper planning and process time on classroom projects.
  3. Student can apply academic experiences to the world of work, interrelationships, community, and/or life.
  4. Student demonstrates technical skills and final outcome on classroom project

Course Outline

Career Exploration

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • What types of skills are needed to work in the Graphic Arts career field?
  • What types of careers would require you to use graphic art skills?
  • Relates classroom project to real world career opportunities.
  • Utilize professionals in the graphic arts field as guest speakers.
 Summative Projects:  Logo Redesign, Where can you go, Poster Project

Design graphic images

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • How are different font selections chosen for projects?
  • What types of images might you create inside of the document margins?
  • Looking at this project, explain to me the various principles and elements that were used.
  • Why is it important to know the steps of the design process?
  • What would happen if you would use a copyright or forge a graphic?
  • Research and select types of fonts for various layouts.
  • Creates images inside of document margins.
  • Identify how the principles and elements are used in a layout.
  • Identify the three steps (thumbnails, rough layout, comprehensive) in the design process.
  • Understands what it means to copyright or forge a graphic
 Summative Projects: Poster Project, Face Trace, Web Banner, Shirt Design, Brochure Background, Locating Fonts, Design Principles, Creating for the Customer


Computer graphic software and hardware

 Guiding Questions Learning Objectives
  • How are software tools used to manipulate and create digital graphics?
  • What types of hard devices would be used to input hard copies of images?
  • What is the benefit of knowing how to use a variety of graphic files?
  • Applying software tools to manipulate and create digital graphics
  • Understand how to utilize a digital device to input hard copies of images
  • Creates different graphic files using a variety of programs
 Summative Projects: Face Trace, Logo Redesign, Poster Project


 Career and Life Skills
 Social and Cross Cultural The student respects and contributes to the diverse learning community by:

  • Honoring  the ideas and opinions of others and
  • Interacting effectively and appropriately with others.
 Productivity and  Accountability The student takes ownership of work and actions  by:

  • Completing assignments on time
  • Arriving prepared and on time
  • Managing time
 Initiative and Self Direction The student demonstrates independence by:

  • Self-advocating for assistance or resources
  • Persevering through rigorous/challenging tasks
  • Utilizing feedback