About Us

Kaleidoscope Academy: A school with more choices and opportunities for middle school students.

Kaleidoscope Academy is a charter school for students in grades six through eight, located within the campus of Roosevelt Middle School.

Mission Statement: Kaleidoscope Academy strives to develop students who use higher order thinking skills to create beautiful, intellectual, and substantial products using a balance of fine arts and 21st Century skills.

Kaleidoscope Academy:

– Delivers curriculum through inquiry-based activities and projects arranged in interdisciplinary teaching teams

-Facilitates the use of 21st Century Skills (Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration, Research and Information Fluency, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision Making, Digital Citizenship, Technology Operations and Concepts) as established by the International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE)

-Utilizes best practices for adolescent learners as recommended by This We Believe (AMLE) and Breaking Ranks in the Middle (NASSP)

-Promotes lifelong learning

-Differentiates instruction to meet the individual needs of students

Offers expanded curricular choices for individual interest through elective course selections in fine arts and technology


More Choices
Students enrolled in the Kaleidoscope Academy have more choices in how they structure their day. They have the opportunity for increased fine arts study, technology engineering, family and consumer education, and can choose from three world languages including French, German, and Spanish.
In-Depth Study Opportunities
The Kaleidoscope Academy offers more time for in-depth study because instructional time will increase by 46 minutes per day. The extra academic period was created by reducing the passing time between periods and shortening the lunch hour for students.
The Kaleidoscope Academy concentrates on using middle school best practices through the use of block scheduling and interdisciplinary teaming. Transitioning from elementary school is smoother as sixth grade students will work with teams of two teachers and then increase to four teacher teams at the eighth grade level. Units of study will be integrated through all subjects where appropriate.
Integrated Technology
Technology is infused into the Kaleidoscope Academy approach to learning. Instructors will have greater access to a variety of technologies not limited to computers, projection equipment for streaming video, and amplification systems which have been proven to increase student comprehension and learning.  Click here to see the technology in action.
More Time for Electives

Students have the opportunity for greater choice in course selection outside of the central core content. At seventh and eighth grades, students choose their own electives to fill two and a half periods each day.

  • Fine Arts
    • Band
    • Orchestra
    • Jazz Band
    • Digital Music Making
    • Choir
    • Art
    • Graphic Art & Design
    • Dance
    • Theater/Drama
    • Beginning Guitar
  • World Languages
    • Spanish
    • French
    • German
  • Other Courses
    • Technology Engineering
    • Animation & Video Game Design
    • Family & Consumer Ed
    • Personal Fitness
    • Guided Study
Co-curricular Activities
Kaleidoscope Academy seventh and eighth grade students may participate in all of the co-curricular activities available at Roosevelt Middle School. Sixth grade students may participate in all club activities. For students looking for an innovative and collaborative learning environment, Kaleidoscope Academy provides the opportunity for students to make their own choices, develop their interests at an earlier age and be better prepared for the challenges of high school.
To learn more about the Kaleidoscope Academy contact the school office at (920)832-6294.
If you are interested in Kaleidoscope for your child, but transportation is of concern, there may be some solutions to this challenge. First, the Boys and Girls Club operates at Roosevelt from 6:45-7:45 a.m. and 3:20-6:00 p.m. daily. They provide a structured learning environment by providing staff to help tutor students, supervising the library and computer lab, as well as providing a variety of club activities and games. With this extended time, students can be dropped off earlier and/or picked up later. Secondly, transportation may be available on current bus routes for a reasonable cost through AASD. Information on this can be obtained through the district transportation office at 832-6116.