Late Start Information

The Appleton Area School District will continue monthly Late Start Instructional Collaboration Days. The purpose of this additional monthly collaboration time is to allow teams of teachers to meet together regularly to review student progress and to plan more effectively for instruction. Professional collaboration is at the heart of the District’s Continuous School Improvement Planning (CSIP) process.

The two hour late starts will occur on the second Wednesday of each month and the 4th Wednesday of May.  The school day will begin exactly two hours later than the regularly scheduled start time. The dates are listed below and have been added to the Appleton Area School District Calendar for the 2017-2018 school year on the AASD website.

Students are still able to attend Boys and Girls Club before school at 6:45 until 9:43.  Even if a student is not registered with club they are welcome on these days.  Rules will be posted on the dry erase board as they enter the LMC.  The Gym, game room, LMC, and possibly the Art room will be available during these late start mornings.  If you are at the building early on these morning you must be going to Boys and Girls club.  If not participating you would need to stay outside or in the commons.

Late Start Dates 2017-18

(2nd Wednesday of each month)

Wednesday, September 13                        
Wednesday, October 11                             
Wednesday, November 8                           
Wednesday, December 13                         
Wednesday, January 10
Wednesday, February 14
Wednesday, March 14
Wednesday, April 11
Wednesday, May 9
Wednesday, May 23

For More information on late starts you can view the district site with the link below.