World Language


Carly Belonga

CarlySalut! Kaleidoscopes French teacher is Ms. Carly Busch and it is her fourth year teaching French at Kaleidoscope Academy. She was born and raised in Appleton, Wisconsin. Her own studies of French began in middle school, continued at Appleton West High school and then later on at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. At UWO, she spent a period of 5 months in France where her skills, knowledge, and interest in the language and culture grew further. In 2009, she received a Bachelor’s degree in French Education.

Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with family, her cat Peanut, and going to the UP to relax and have fun. She is both excited and passionate about her career as a professional educator and is pleased to have begun teaching in her hometown where she can best relate to students.



Andrea Amel

Andrea Amel¡Hola!  Soy Señora Amel, la profesora de Español 7th, Español 8th y Global Perspectives (6th).  Did you catch that?  Mrs. Amel is proud to be in her 11th year teaching middle school Spanish in the Appleton Area School District.  This is her 4th consecutive year teaching at Roosevelt/Kaleidoscope, teaching level 1 Spanish and her 2nd year teaching 6th grade Global Perspectives, where students explore a little bit of Spanish, French and German before choosing a language in 7th grade.  It’s a big decision, so the kids should choose the language they enjoy the most and would want to learn for two years. Mrs. Amel feels privileged to share the fun of learning another language with her students.

Mrs. Amel took Spanish in high school (Green Bay East), and Graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton with a Spanish degree and education certification.  She has been to Costa Rica three different times, for a total of 1.5 years, where she really got to practice the language and learn all about their culture.  She currently lives in Oshkosh, where her husband teaches 4th grade.  They have two children, William (5) and Lucy (3).  In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, riding bikes, swimming, watching movies, reading, and cooking exotic food.  She also loves a good cup of coffee.

phillipsTodd Phillips

Señor Phillips has been teaching for 7 years but is new to KA. He studied in Querétaro, Mexico and in Madrid. Señor  loves learning languages; he speaks German, Italian, French and Catalan, but none as well as Spanish (yet).
Here is what he does to practice languages:

1. He practices a little each day. -Señor uses duolingo which is a fun app and it even sends him daily reminders. He also steals other teachers’ quizlets to practice with.

2. He finds good songs. -He googles the lyrics and follows along, looking up any words/phrases he might not know.

3. He reads- his favorite way to find something to read is to find a wikipedia site about something he is familiar with or interested in and change the language. Reading something about a familiar topic in another language makes it easy to use context to figure stuff out.

4. He watches youtube videos in the new language. -Commenting about parts he didn’t get is an easy way to get a quick explanation. He can then go back and re-watch the part he didn’t understand. These aren’t boring, educational youtube videos, they are the ones that are trending in other countries. There is good, funny entertaining youtube content in ALL languages.

5. Señor seeks out proficient speakers and speaks with them. – Whether it’s another parent at the park, a priest from Italy, or his doctor, Señor never misses an opportunity.

Señor lives in Appleton with his wife and two daughters, Gianna and Catherine. They enjoy trips to Door County and to Vermont where Señor grew up.